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Rings and other reinforced concrete products Wells sewer
  • Rings and other reinforced concrete products Wells sewer

Rings and other reinforced concrete products Wells sewer

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Country of manufacture:Ukraine
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Rings and other reinforced concrete products

Today in construction concrete rings which price varies depending on what types of rings are necessary what their size, durability, material, of which they are made, and, of course, what ultimate goal of their use are very widely used.

Generally many want to buy reinforced concrete rings for a well in the private sector. Construction of a well is very responsible action. For this reason to well rings special demands as they experience huge strain on walls are made. So, they have to differ in the royal strength characteristics, and at their production the fittings have to be used.

So before buying rings for a well, be surely convinced of their compliance to all norms and requirements. Ring cost for wells so we advise also depends on such characteristics, by the way, not to hurry to buy very cheap rings concrete (Whether Kiev it or not), it means that they hardly differ in sufficient durability.

Also it is possible to buy rings well and for other purposes. For example, they are widely used in installation of various communication systems: sewer, pipeline, drainage, network and water. Before buying concrete rings for the sewerage, pay attention that they have to have special grooves which strongly connect among themselves two next elements and thanks to which installation of rings of the sewerage takes place much easier, quicker and without probability of shift.

Besides, it is possible to buy can of a ring and for their use at construction of tunnels (in particular, for laying of power supply networks, heating systems and telephone cables). Also installation of concrete rings is necessary in construction of special designs for sewage treatment — septic tanks.

As it was already told, there are different rings reinforced concrete, the price for which varies from their type. Rings well wall (KS rings) are the most widespread by means of which the well mouth is formed. Rings are reinforced concrete, the price for which depends on their parameters, are applied in installation of various wells: drainage, sewer, viewing.

Each concrete goods plant of concrete rings make a huge number as production of reinforced concrete rings (Ukraine) does not differ in special complexity. The main thing is here that the special equipment was used, and also the manufacturing techniques of rings from reinforced concrete were completely observed. Pay attention that on really qualitative and meeting all norms and the requirements ring ZhB the price cannot be extremely low.

If to you are necessary rather qualitative to concrete goods of a ring, you will be able to buy them in the TBK Orange company. At us in assortment rings for wells, the price for which starts from 200 UAH, and a ring cover concrete which price also depends on parameters, are presented. Also you will be able to buy from us not only rings for the sewerage, the price which is specified on the website, but also to buy the bottom under a ring concrete. All rings offered by us concrete, on them you can look at a price on our website.

Generally, if you need qualitative and high-strength reinforced concrete rings (Kiev), including concrete rings for the sewerage, the price for which will correspond completely to their quality, call us or come to us to office. Sale of concrete rings and their delivery is carried out quickly and with the maximum comfort for each our client.

You can buy or order rings of wells from us reinforced concrete KS, well rings, concrete rings, Covers software, concrete for wells, the Bottoms reinforced concrete PN of all types and the sizes at the favorable prices, individual discounts are possible. Practically all nomenclature available, cost can differ a little from declared behind more exact information communicate with ours phone manager. Other ZhB of a product

Let's deliver production to Kiev, and also to such cities of Kiev region as - Cornflowers, Borispol, Boyarka, Malines, Irpen, Brovara, Fastov, Cherry, Ivankov, etc.

Delivery is carried out as ordinary lorries and cars with the crane manipulator allowing to make unloading and installation of products

Zavzhdi in nayavnost_ K_ltsya kolodyaz_v zal_zobetonn і, krishka, the bottoms і a _nsha produkts_ya ZhB_ behind krashchy ts_na in Ki¾v_.

The price list "Rings, Covers, Bottoms" is updated by 04.03.2013

35 pieces.

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Name of goods Diameter external (D), mm Thickness of a wall (B), mm Height (H), mm Weight, t. Price, UAH
KC 7-3 ring 840 70 290 0.130 210
KC 7-9 ring 840 70 890 0.380 330
KC 10-3 ring 1160 80 290 0.200 315
KC 10-5 ring 1160 80 490 0.330 320
KC 10-6 ring 1160 80 590 0.400 340
Ring of KS of 10-9 (euros) 1160 80 890 0.600 430
KC 10-9 ring 1160 80 890 0.600 360
KC 15-5 ring 1680 90 490 0.580 490
KC 15-6 ring 1680 90 590 0.670 515
Ring of KS of 15-9 (euros) 1680 90 890 1.000 650
KC 15-9 ring 1680 90 890 1.000 570
KC 20-5 ring 2200 100 490 0.800 860
KC 20-6 ring 2200 100 590 1.000 900
KC 20-9 ring 2200 100 890 1.480 860
KC 24-12 ring 2640 120 1190 2.700 2100
KC 24-20 ring 2640 120 1990 4.500 3148
KC 25-12 ring 2740 120 1190 2.500 1470
KC 30-10 ring 3300 150 990 3.800 5400
Ring of KO 6 (1/4) 840 (580 internal) - 70 0.012 32
Ring of KO 6 (1/2) 840 (580 internal) - 70 0.025 64
KO 6 ring 840 (580 internal) - 70 0.050 128
Cover of a ring of software 10-2 1200 - 150 0.250 300
Software ring cover 10-2 (square) 1200 - 150 0.400 325
Cover of a ring of software 15-2 1700 - 150 0.680 625
PG 15 ring cover (square) 1700 - 150 1.100 945
Cover of a ring of software 20-2 2200 - 150 1.280 1180
Cover of a ring of software 20-2 (2 openings) 2200 - 150 1.129 1400
PG 20 ring cover (square) 2200 - 150 1.700 1325
Cover of a ring of software 25-2 2700 - 150 1.850 2218
Cover of a ring of software 1 (3 m) 3300 - 250 4.900 4400
PN 10 well bottom 1500 - 100 0.450 420
PN 15 well bottom 2000 - 120 0.950 680
PN 20 well bottom 2500 - 120 1.480 1200
PN 25 well bottom 3000 - 180 2.450 2320
PN 30 well bottom 3300 - 170 5.370 4880

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 30.03.2021

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Unbelievable price on Rings and other reinforced concrete products Wells sewer in Kiev (Ukraine) company Apelsin TBK, OOO.
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